Breaking into Beauty (1)

What an eventful week I’ve had….

The company I trained with to complete my fast tracked Level 3 Beauty Therapy during the summer, have partnerships with reputable companies in order for their graduates to have guaranteed interviews, and gain their first work experience within the industry.

Well, Monday was the first “phone” interview I have been offered since I graduated in September this year.  This interview was so, how shall I say……. nice and light.  Yeah, that’s a nice way to put it.  So brief that I ended up asking her a lot more questions than she asked me.  When the call was coming to an end, I asked “what happens next?”  The assistant manager who conducted the interview said she had a couple more phone interviews and that she’ll email me the following day while completing her admin to let me know whether or not I’ll need to come in for another interview and trade test.

Ok so, I tried to stay positive, and not get paranoid because I believed that it wasn’t a genuine interview.  Maybe I wasn’t actually being paranoid because guess what?  I was unsuccessful.  Why am I not surprised?  Reasons given:

  • Currently looking for someone with more experience – interesting…. they read my CV and are aware that I am a recent graduate from The Training Room.
  • Looking for someone who is willing to work weekends – interesting…. Ok, so I stated during the interview that if I had a “choice” I wouldn’t work on a Sunday so I can somewhat accept that one.
  • Needed me to be flexible with shift work – interesting…. there was no issue mentioned on this side of the conversation with the shift patterns so I was confused.

It is their prerogative, yes it is, but the reasons given were questionable and question them I did.  Just a light questioning though.  I simply asked what their partnership with The Training Room was exactly if they were expecting more experience when they know what they were about and I’ve only recently graduated.  I also said that when a zero hour contract is being offered with flexible shifts that I can say by choice I wouldn’t work on Sundays.  I love my Sundays.  That is my favourite day of the week.  My recharge and refresh before the start of the next week ahead.  Anyway, I didn’t say all of that last bit about Sundays lol but I did tell her that I will be taking this up with The Training Room as I’m not happy with the service being provided.  I am paying for 3 years worth of careers support and it hasn’t been that fruitful so far.

I wrote that complaint, sent it in to them and got my response. In short, they said that if their partners were recruiting, I’d have an interview.  Interesting…. I sent a list of partners who were hiring and their closing dates last week to my careers officer.  So are they saying the vacancies advertised are false?  They also said that my careers officer is working hard to chase up the jobs I’ve applied to.  Interesting…. This is the same careers officer who told me to chase up the jobs she applied to on my behalf to show determination, so how and why is she chasing up mine?

They are still investigating apparently (eye roll).

Lesson learnt this week – No one cares more about you and your career than you do.

It’s a good thing that self employment is one of my aims or what would I do?  I definitely need to go harder with that.  I’ve got a plan that I need to make steps to execute.  I will still be seeking industry experience though.

Anyway, thanks for coming along this week, and if you have any interview or work experiences, feel free to share.  Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx


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