Breaking Into Beauty (2)


Well, this week after all the back and forth with uni and The Training Room, I finally know what I’m doing for 2018:

  • I will be continuing with the second year of my FDA Spa Management degree in January from Semester 2. I was trying to change my course but due to Student Finance, I would have to pay for the first two years of the new course, resulting in me only being able to receive full funding for the final year. Not good but doing it this way just means I’ll have to possibly retake or re-do the first semester in order to complete the qualification.
  • Work wise, I’ve been applying for Therapist roles and I’m optimistic the new year will bring me something.
  • Finally, in regards to business, got to pause planning for this week due to the holiday period. Be back soon 🙂

With Family Time around the corner, I’ll make sure to pamper myself and close ones.  Filling up on love and laughter along the way, ensuring to rest in between all the cooking… he he 😉

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely time over Christmas and I’ll check in with you all again next week.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx


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