“We Are Family” (2)

It is Family Time Eve, I’m up and so the preparation begins 🙂 😉

Xmas Eve blog pic

I love this time of year!  It’s Family Time ❤

I haven’t celebrated Christmas in the traditional sense since December 2012.  I changed my whole thought process on it and made it my own.  I don’t believe in Christmas from a Christian or Father Christmas perspective, any gifts given out are for or around New Year’s.  December 25th is practically like a special Sunday and Sunday is my favourite day of the week ❤

Sundays, I clean and freshen the house, singing to the music that has been put in my spirit that morning with the smell of washing wafting throughout the warm house (washing is my favourite ❤ ), plait my son’s hair, do any pampering for the week ahead and last but not least, cooking dinner and dessert for whoever is spending that day with me ❤ ❤


On December 25th, while some of you may go to your Mum or Nan’s houses for dinner tomorrow, in my little family unit, I’m the head.  My nan passed away in 2001 and my mum is usually wherever I am so unless I spend it at my sister’s, I’m in the kitchen all day performing a little concert for anyone who can hear me through the kitchen walls with the music pumping lol!

I’m the first one up today, no surprise there …. Mama Bear and my bear cub are still in bed while I sit in my living room on the sofa with my big plush blanket wrapped around me, laptop on my lap, talking to my sister on loudspeaker with the house phone on my chest with the speaker near my mouth, Youtube on the TV with the soundtrack for today’s blog on repeat loud enough so I can feel it without disrupting my conversation too much he he ….. The soundtrack for the blog this morning is one of my favourite 90’s songs – Pretty Brown by Jason Weaver from the Love Ambition album – I absolutely love this song! Classic!  I always have to go on YouTube to hear it but I had to put the CD in my Amazon basket ready for when student loan drops because I want to play it in my first car that I will get some time next year…. Thank you universe 😉

Other than who is home, I’m only “expecting” my little cousin and my girl is supposed to come over to do my hair but we’ll see if anyone else rolls through 🙂  Catch two joke, eat two food lol!  Basking in all the love ❤ ❤ ❤

I need to a make start and hope you all enjoy your day today.  Feel free to share your plans or actual adventures with me, I will make time to read them.  Until next time.

Sending my love to you all at this time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx


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