To Shemaiah ❤️

Me and Shemaiah

This was us a year ago today.  What a day!

Being your Mummy’s birthing partner in another city, was hard work but there was no way I was missing it.

Attending all your scans and imagining what you are going to look like, what kind of character you’ll be or what your voice would sound like took up hours of conversation between us all.  Some of these we are still yet to find out and I can’t wait because the more you are able to do, the more we are able to do together.  I already have trips planned in my mind and things that I want to teach you.  I can’t wait to see what your interests are because I can’t imagine that you’ll love Paw Patrol until the end of days.  I can’t wait to see what talents you have because you’re already hitting those high notes and babes, you come from a musical family so that’s exciting!

But I tell you nothing would have prepared me for your arrival….. I stayed with your Mummy for blocks of time around your due date because you just never know.  Your big cousin, Shomari, came 12 days early and I weren’t expecting that so I’m fully well aware that baby’s come when they’re good and ready lol!

The night before, we done the New Year’s countdown with everyone else via BBC, I had a good old sing-along to Robbie Williams and then I was on Baby Watch.  I had to be extra vigilant because Mummy wasn’t feeling 100%, we knew the time was drawing near, we just didn’t know when.  So guess what Anty Li did?  She had everyone bet £5 for a choice of two days that they thought you would come.  You know I won right? Ha Ha!  Standard 😉

Eventually, Mummy and I went to bed.  Shattered was an understatement but I couldn’t knock out because I needed to listen, being prepared to jump up anytime, and that is exactly what happened …..

Just after 3 in the morning, Mummy got up to go toilet, and I won’t go into details but we were going to the hospital right now!  I got dressed as quickly as possible.  I didn’t even put on my full shoes, I had my slides on.  It was blitz outside and it was wet but I didn’t even care, I just wanted to get your Mummy to the hospital.  But wait, so while I’m getting the stuff together, calling taxi, and my adrenaline was pumping now, Mummy was stressing about looking for leggings to put on.  Leggings you know! Pretty down to Labour Day smh.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.  I mean, it’s funny now looking back, but trust me, I weren’t impressed lol!  Anyway, we rode in the taxi,  we got to the hospital and that’s when it all began.

Let me tell you something, if I thought I was close to your Mum before, I don’t think there is anything I haven’t seen or heard of her now.  Definitely one of those “you had to be there” moments.  It was the most colourful, near enough 12 hours of our lives and I captured all the key things via video.  I also kept a written log throughout the whole experience, coming like some reporter.  Watching, and learning as that was the first time I witnessed someone give birth.  It was simply amazing!  All the pain and exhaustion was definitely all worth it in the end.

When you finally came out, I was so overwhelmed, I just couldn’t help myself.  Shemaiah, you brought me to tears, and that is hard for someone to do.   Trust and believe.  You’ll find that out yourself over the years unless I meet someone who can love me up enough for me to display my “softerness”.  Then, when the nurse was talking about cutting the cord and Mummy said I was the one to do it, you could have had me crying all over again.  She already must have had it planned, when I wasn’t even thinking that far ahead.  I recorded your first weigh in, breast feed, and then I finally got to sit down with you which is what you are seeing above.

That was me…. Tired, hungry (because Mummy couldn’t stand the smell of food in the delivery room), and looking busted but I would do it all over again for you in a heartbeat ❤

Unfortunately, I can’t be with you today but I’ll be with you soon.  I’m really hoping we grow to have a good relationship and that you enjoy my stories,  and anyone who knows me properly knows that I have a lot of them lol!   If you need anything, and I can help, I’ll be there.  Feel free to talk to me about anything, and I mean anything.

Most importantly, I think what I’m trying to say is, I love you little Nephew and you should feel confident about the fact that if there is anything you or Mummy need…

Anty Li has got you xxx

Me and Shem


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