“I Can Transform Ya” (3)

First of all, I really want to say a big thank you to everyone who has shown me support by way of sharing tips, giving advice and words of encouragement since my first “I Can Transform Ya” post 3 weeks ago.  I really appreciate it ❤

I have enjoyed my holiday with family, an abundance of food and laughter.  Now to get back to my weight loss plan:

347″]sweatcoin 2 Here is the record of my SweatCoin account for the past week, just to give you an idea of how you can earn money by clocking up those steps.  This money can be redeemed against various items from magazines to electronics.  I wonder how much I could earn if I keep this up…

To kick start 2018, I weighed in again yesterday to find out that I am now 17st 2.9lbs.  That means I have gained 2.6 lbs since the 16th December 2017.  Not too bad considering I ate hearty for the whole holiday lol!  So guess what I did….

“]gym 2 Yep… I joined the gym.. again (covers face).  Signed up with my little cousin a couple of hours ago.  So I’m all set.  This year is gonna be a good one, I can feel it!

I have decided not to continue with my previous personal trainer going into the New Year and I’m open to working with someone else to achieve my goals.  Wish me luck for the coming week and until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx


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