“We Are Family” (4)

We are fam 4.jpeg

“Food, glorious food!” ❤

Sunday is my favourite day of the week ❤

It’s cooking, cleaning and family day ❤

Even if I’m following a diet or fitness plan, Sunday is definitely a break day.  I can eat whatever I want on Sunday.  It’s the day of the week that even if I don’t get to do it during the week, we will definitely be having dessert on Sunday ❤

I am trying to control it but food brings me pleasure, enjoyment and good memories ❤

Just like Maya Angelou said:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

That’s how I feel about food ❤

I was blessed with a family who are whizzes in the kitchen, especially my Nan.  She passed away in 2001 but the memories of all the dishes she made, big or small, have never left me.  I swear sometimes she puts the taste of her food in my mouth to make sure I don’t forget.  Some of the things she made, I’ve never had again sadly but I’m glad I had the experience of such.  We were so spoiled with her wide range of meals and treats, no one else could compare, and even up to today, the bar has been set so high, it’s hard for others to beat ❤

On top of cooking, she could bake ❤

We used to have the bowl after mixing the cakes, my favourite was the fruit cake!  Me and my cousin would have the spatulas for the fruit cake bowl, while my sis preferred the plain cake.  Delicious ❤

When me, my cousin and my sister stayed at my Nan’s practically every weekend, we’d have 3 breakfasts standardly every day.  Yooooo, that was the ting!  And all meals would be tailored to your requirements.  For instance, I didn’t like egg whites or beans in my fry-ups, I liked the taste of rice and peas but didn’t like the peas so she would pick them out for me everytime, and I didn’t even realise my Nan’s soup has yam and cho-cho etc. in it because she must have gave it to me one time and I didn’t like it, so from that day forward all my soups only had the meats, potatoes and maybe the dumplings only ❤

But she wasn’t the only one who could cook.  I couldn’t possibly name everyone’s dishes in the family but some that come to mind are:

  • My Anty Maggie’s Carrot Cake
  • My Anty Ira’s Avocado and Sardines breakfast
  • My Anty Ira’s Sticky Citrus Chicken wings
  • My Mum’s Roast Chicken
  • and My Anty Jane’s Lamb Dinners.

I could go on forever, but that brings me to today.  Today, I was getting ready to make my Curry Chicken but then I found out My Anty Jane was making her Lamb and Rice.  I was not missing out on that…. ummm ❤

It may not sound like anything special but when people make food with love, they have their own way of preparing and serving with their special touches and seasonings.  I just love it!  Yum Yum ❤

When I was younger, I used to watch all the ladies in the kitchen, cooking for the family and functions, hoping that one day I’d be a part of it.  The family dynamic has changed since my Nan passed, so we don’t ALL get together like that anymore but I have my own dishes that people enjoy and will become someone else’s favourite dish someday … he he 😉

I have actually been likened to cake by my ex.  When he told me I was like cake, I looked at him a bit perplexed and was like “cake?”  He replied anyone who knows me, knows I like cake, when I have some I have to have more.  Well, that sounded good to me lol 🙂

I also relate my exes to food, so I found it interesting that I was not alone with this way of thinking.  Roll with me here.  For my two main relationships I think of them as:

  • My high school sweetheart is my McDonald’s.  Amongst all the cooked food and takeaways when I was a kid, McDonald’s was like the ultimate food treat!  When I had a bit more freedom at my third secondary school, travelling through town everyday, I would hit up McD’s without someone having to take me.  Why was he my McDonald’s?  When I was young, health was not a priority, I loved it to no end and now I only go there mainly if my son wants to go.
  • My last somewhat serious relationship was my Snickers.  I wouldn’t touch the things for years because they had nuts, and even though I like peanut tasting things, I don’t like nuts.  One day, there was only a load of Snickers left in my Celebrations box and I fancied some chocolate, so I had one.  Oh. My. Days!!!! Why have I never had one before????  Oh shit!  The chocolate, the caramel, the nougat with the nuts as the finishing touch.  Sensational!!!  Why was he my Snickers? He wasn’t someone I would normally go for but he was good in all the ways I needed him to be but those “nuts” completed the formula.  They were all the things I didn’t want but without the nuts, there would be no Snickers.

So as you can see love, family and food go hand in hand for me.  As I’ve grown, I have tried to make healthier choices all round and things that are no good for me get dropped and replaced slowly but surely.  I am improving all the time.

I hope you enjoyed today’s story.  Feel free to share any food stories you may have, dishes you enjoy that your loved ones make that conjure good or bad memories, and if you relate anyone in your life to food lol!

Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx


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