“We Are Family” (7)

we are fam 7

18.2.18 is my angel baby Shiloh’s 8th birthday 👼🏽

She didn’t get to make it here physically but she means so much to me.  I think about her all the time, I just don’t really talk about it.  Today, I’m just kind of thinking out loud.

I find myself, ever so often, sitting down and wondering what she would have looked like, or sounded like, or what her relationship would have been like with her big brother and if she would have been anything like me.  The world is definitely in need of more Elisha A. Ebanks’ lol!  I wonder if she would have found my stories funny or if she would liked reading or if she could sing ☺️

I giggle to myself sometimes when I remember the day I found out her due date, 18th February 2010, and I thought how magic am I? … What are the chances that my only two babies so far have had birthdays 10 weeks to the day either side of my birthday?  My birthday is the 10th December.  Shomari’s birthday is the 1st October, which is exactly 10 weeks before and Shiloh’s is the 18th February, which is exactly 10 weeks after my birthday.  Amazing ❤️

She came at a time when I was open to change and her presence, even though it was short lived, sparked my journey to self discovery and working towards things that actually made me happy. It was a much needed kick up the ass! Things haven’t been the smoothest all the time since but she is part of my drive to keep succeeding. I know she watches over us. I hope she is proud of me and that she knows her passing was not in vain, as I will continue to try to be the best me I can be at all times because of her.

None of us know when it is our time to go and while we are here, we need to enjoy our lives as much as we can, with those who make us happy ❤️

Her name means Peace, from what I’ve always understood and that is so fitting for us.  Shiloh was obviously too much of a beautiful soul to come here at that particular time and she has helped, and continues to help me get through things in my life trying to disturb my inner peace.  For that, I would be forever grateful ❤️

Lastly, I have to be thankful for the fact that I didn’t experience any physical pain when I lost her. My heart goes out to those who have lost a child or children, especially when they have had to birth and bury them.  So sad.  I couldn’t imagine what that would be like.  I send light and love out to you all 🌹

I didn’t really want to say much today, I just wanted to acknowledge her day today.

Feel free to share your own experiences with me.  I’m here.

Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,