“We Are Family” (1)

pexels-photo-355988I had to give my son some career advice.  It’s about that time….

Being in Year 10, my son is preparing for work experience at the end of the year by way of mock interviews and creating his first CV.  Awwwww, my baby is growing up …(tear to my eye).

As a result, we’ve mulled over quite a few options.  Business is always something we discuss and plan for, together, and individually as I wish someone taught me the importance of having something of my own when I was his age.  But in terms of college, university etc, we have explored them all and it is easy to get lost because there are so many to choose from.  I’ve always taken him to open days and if we go to events, I encourage him to talk with people in industry while he is there.  Networking is a good tool and he can get some tips or see if he is on the right track.  I myself, have studied consistently since leaving school and worked, either at the same time or alternatively.  So I can only share what I have learned and that is……

Education means very little without experience!

I feel this is something that they should emphasise to the young ones, in particular, as it can save a lot of time and money.  My son will make his own mind up and walk his own path but I advised that if he can find an apprenticeship in the career he wishes to pursue then he should definitely take up the opportunity.  You gain industry experience while completing your qualification and you get paid!!!  Not that much probably but hey, he still lives at home, he’ll be fine.  I got him ❤

If I could press reset, I would definitely pick that now.  Even though I can’t regret all that I have done, I could have saved some time and money going the apprenticeship route.  The good thing about my journey is that I go forth and can prevent others around me from making the “mistakes” I made or on the other hand, I can share the wisdom I have acquired over time.

Due to the law changing since I left school, he has to be in education of some form until the age of 18, I think this is an excellent idea.  Hopefully, it will give you a guaranteed first step on the career ladder, rather than just going straight to work.  Not saying anything is necessarily wrong with going to work because you can possibly work up in the company.  But if you do have a specific goal from young, try and get an apprencticeship while you have support from loved ones before you have to take on full financial responsibility of properties, cars, partners and kids etc.

If you have any career advice for the younger ones feel free to share.  Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx