“We Are Family” (3)

It may sound cliche, but having my son was definitely the best thing that ever happened to me.  He is everything to me ❤

we are fam 3

He is the light birthed from my darkness.

He is the opening scene to the best movie ever.

He is the theme music to my life.

He is the Roo to my Kanga.

He is the spinach for my Popeye.

He is the sad Puss in Boots that makes my heart melt.

He is the 20 + 10 + 10 balancing my 20 + 15 + 5.

He is the lessons hidden within myself personified.

He is the love I never even knew I had to give.

He is the warmth on a winter’s day.

He is the hope that the future is bright.

He is the joke that only I get.

He is the dog whistle to my ears.

He is the pearl inside my clam.

He is the evidence of all my hard work.

He is my greatest achievement.

He is imperfect perfection.

He is the only one of his kind…

…..And he is all mine ❤

Photo credit: Sheila Edwards