Fun in the sun with Project Brum

Soooooo…… I went browsing through Birmingham City Council’s website a couple months ago looking to see what what they had to offer by way of activities.  I realised that most of the time I spent with my friends and family seemed to be centred around food in some way, shape or form. Not necessarily a bad thing but our fitness levels could definitely use some improvement lol!

So I started my search for activities, downloaded passport to leisure forms for my mum, my son and myself and came across an opportunity to do a summer internship with Project Brum.  There wasn’t much information about it to be honest but the gist of it was that we would be promoting health, fitness and wellbeing throughout the summer.  Just what I was looking for. What fun 🙂

I applied straightaway online emphasing in personal statement how health and fitness go hand in hand with the treatments offered in a spa environment.  I sent the application and didn’t think much of it until I was invited to an interview.  I have to say it was the most fun interview I’ve ever been too!

After the initial presentation as an introduction to Project Brum, we went out to a local park, got into teams and had to come up with activities to get children involved using the equipment given and then demonstrate it for the other teams.  I absolutely loved it!

We were given bean bags, a fold out ladder, plastic egg and spoons, hula hoops, skipping rope and a ball.  My first thought …… SPORTS DAY!!!!  It just took me right back to school days and we came up with a little assault course.  It was a really good day and got involved with all the team’s activities bar one.  I called my mum and sis after and was hoping that I got the opportunity to be a part of it because it sounded so good but I had to wait hear from them within two weeks.

Guess what?  I got it!  Yayyyy!!!!  10 weeks of fun in the sun with Project Brum!!!!

It’s interesting how people can have the same equipment and have completely different ideas on what to do with them.  What kind of activities would you have come up with?