“We Are Family” (10)

People take certain things for granted but as much as I love to travel, I still haven’t been on a plane.

I’ve been on practically everything else accept a ✈️

Like I told you all in an earlier blogpost, possibly more than once lol, I’ve been looking forward to this year with me turning 34 and my son making his first step into adulthood. Well, I thought the best birthday gift I could give him was something I never had the opportunity to experience as of yet, going on a plane to somewhere hot. You know this boy was not impressed in the least 😲

Disappointment 💔

I love making my loved ones smile and this just burst my bubble 😔

To him it was a waste of money because he wants to build his own computer. He was like:

“Why would you spend money on a week or something somewhere when I’ll use my PC all the time and have it for years!”

Gotta love his logic but bwoi! I believe you must seize opportunities when they come and that experiences are valuable. There are quiet times in your life when all you have are memories. With that said you need to create as many happy memories as possible. I know I’ve had times when I think back to how someone made me feel, things I’ve done and places I’ve been to. They bring you comfort when you least expect because you don’t know when you’ll need to tap into them.

Guess what? I’m not going to dismiss what he said, so PC’s getting sorted 👍🏾

Now that I’ve done my part, as I aim to please ☺️ Do you think he’ll want to go now? 😏

All being well we get this sorted and I can bring my mum along too, she hasn’t been on a plane either. We’ve been out of the country a couple times but I have a list of places I would really like to visit:

  • St Kitts 🇰🇳 (Mama Bear’s family’s birthplace)
  • St Elizabeth, Jamaica 🇯🇲 (The biological’s family’s birthplace)
  • Italy 🇮🇹 (I want to go on the gondolas and definitely for the food lol!)
  • Amsterdam (🤫)
  • Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (curiosity)
  • Egypt 🇪🇬 (Too many reasons)

That’s just off the top of my head. Travel is the way to my heart. I’m a natural born tourist. Also, I have to look for the perfect location for my beach wedding 🎩 👰🏾 Thoughts become things and all of that 😉

To close, remember memories are valuable and try to capture as many moments as you can with loved ones while you still have them with you. Also, please try your best to be a good memory for someone or people you come into contact with. I know that can be hard, trust me, sometimes people try to draw you out 😒 Up middle finger to them and keep it moving! They don’t deserve your energy.

Love to you all 😘

I hope you enjoyed today’s blogpost and feel free to share your first family holiday experiences or suggestions on nice places for me to consider visiting.

Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx