“We Are Family” (5)

We had Parent’s Evening this week…..

and when I say I love this guy, I LOVE THIS GUY! He is amazing ❤

We are fam 5

This is our first one since he has started his GCSE journey.  He has been stressing a little bit, as you do, but especially about English.  He’s good at it, but his writing isn’t the clearest.  I spoke to the new SENCo about getting him assessed for Dyslexia, which tends to go hand in hand with Aspergers as well as Dyspraxia. The dyspraxia side we are waiting for an Occupational Therapist appointment to start the process.  I’m checking all areas just in case, whether I feel he has them or not, because I want to be able to support him in any which way that I can, in order for him to be the best that he can be.

Due to my son being high functioning, he is super clever and conversation with him is not necessarily what you would expect.  So, walking around the school, talking to the teachers and hearing how they spoke about him was really interesting.  It appears that even teachers who don’t actually teach him knew him some way or another. This could be anything from his art work, his interest in music, him being a part of Debate Mate or conversations they have with him.  What a blessing he is to so many ❤

But the best part of the evening was hearing the teacher’s speak greatness into him just like I do.  They genuinely want him to do well.  They see the greatness that I see in him and it was lovely.

Me and his secondary schools have had battles, due to their lack of understanding of him.  He likes some things a particular way and these things may appear to be rebellious to teachers and they used to try and challenge him all the time; and then here comes me lol!  Listen, let me tell you something, you see me, I’m cool, but don’t play with me and mine.  I laced them with complaints and I don’t have no qualms bringing in outside professionals to deal with them neither.  I’m not going to go into the school all guns blazing, that’s not my style.  I’ll keep that shit on paper, so it’s documented.  My son didn’t have a support plan in place for how long.  I weren’t having that!

After a number of incidents, one including a teacher who refused to call me “Miss Ebanks” or “Shomari’s Mum” when she addressed me, even though I made it clear that is way I like it (long story), they are no longer allowed to call my phone.  All correspondence has to be in written form, either via text, post or email.  You can’t chat to me if you can’t put no “Respeck on my name!” Thanks to Birdman for saying it so clear.  I live that shit!

Besides all of that, we now have an understanding and he seems a lot more settled.  So at present, all is well 🙂

All I can do for now, is to help him practice his handwriting and be there for him if he needs anything.  It’s a stressful time for him right now but he’s cool.

I hope you enjoyed today’s story.  Feel free to share any stories you may have or ask any questions.  Don’t be a stranger.

Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx


“I Can Transform Ya” (2) – The Family Time Aftermath

Boxing Day pic

As you can probably guess, I haven’t been following the best eating plan during this time.   I’m not upset though because I enjoyed myself for the most part but it was bittersweet.

In my last Family Time blog post, I explained that in my little family unit, I was the head.  I have lived the role of somewhat carer, and supporter for some which has resulted in me feeling as if I have to be inclusive with most things that I do.  This is not always reciprocated and I don’t understand why.  So while I’m including people in mine, they go off and do their own thing with no invitations extended this way.  I’m not even overly talking about friends, I’m talking so called FAMILY.  It leaves me feeling sad when I should be feeling happy and full of love.

Today’s message is not necessarily about any pounds lost and steps I have clocked up this week, but more about well-being.  The way this time of year can make you feel, as it is not a positive time for all.  I cooked all day for two days straight, to feed those I felt like I loved, and then ended up going back and forth about who is doing the dessert or whose washing the dishes …. Really?  Is this what it has come to?

While some have many “Christmases” in one day by way of turning up to people’s houses and picking up a plate at each place they land, this is my only one.  So having one of your guests come over, for instance, who can’t even eat because they’re too full before arriving is very disheartening.  I think I’m just tired of it all now. I’m aware that not everyone thinks like me but communication, courtesy and respect doesn’t exist for some.  But I’ll tell you something right now, this is not happening to me again if I can help it!  I’ve been thinking of things I can possibly do differently in future:

  • Invest in paper plates, cups, cutlery and disposable baking trays.  Black bag all of that!
  • Only those who are invited by me, or whoever is hosting, may attend.  No drop-ins.
  • Consider eating out for dinner.
  • Lastly, I would really love to just be out of the country full stop!

Since I woke early this afternoon, I’ve been busying myself writing down ideas for my business and changes I want to make in my life .  In turn, I decided to convert my negative energy into positive energy towards myself by way of a treat day:

  • First of all, my girl came through on Family Time Eve and she cut my hair for me but I just made a change to my fringe because I wasn’t feeling the one she gave me.
  • I’m currently enjoying a generous slice of Black Forest Gateau as we speak – yum yum ❤
  • And once I finish up today’s post, I’ll be giving myself a mani and pedi.

The thought of it is making me feel better already 🙂

In terms of health and fitness plans for the week ahead, I had a friend hit me up on Whatsapp about an app called SweatCoin where you can earn money depending on the number of steps you clock up, apparently.  Sounds good to me!  I’ve downloaded it already and I will be trying it out.  I’ll make a note to show you guys next week what I found.  I will also try to return to my diet plan tomorrow.

Anyway, if you have any experiences or feelings you want to share about this time of year, good or bad, I would love to hear them.  If you have any suggestions or tips on things you do to make yourself feel better when things get you down, please share them also.

Thanking everyone who has been supporting me so far, I really appreciate it.  Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx