“I Can Transform Ya” (6) – Letter to My Former Self

transformation 2018

Dear Elisha,

I know life has been hard for you over the years and you’ve tried to smile and joke things away as a way of dealing with it.  You’ve supported people even when you feel like you’re doing practically everything alone.  Neglected to the point when you started neglecting yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up about any of that baby girl.  You kept yourself going the best way you knew how.  Burying yourself in various jobs and courses, and going into somewhat hiding when you’ve been hurt in order for you to lick your wounds and come back stronger.  You found comfort indulging in the food you loved to the point that would hide your pretty self under all that fat as a form of protection to avoid attention.  But you know what, I’m learning and healing for the both of us now.

We waited patiently for us to turn 34 so we can have a fresh start at life.  You dedicated your life to your baby boy with no regrets.  You sacrificed your dreams in exchange for the only love you’ve been able to fully experience.   The only person you’ve been able to love freely and understand inside and out.  All the things you’ve been through are preparing us for what is to come.  This year rocked us to our core and could have had us eat ourselves into an oblivion, as matters of the heart hit us the hardest, but guess what?  Life has shown us that we can get through anything.  We are strong.  We are resilient.  And we will not accept anyone having us question our character anymore!

I need you to know that you are special, you are a good person, you have a big heart, you are talented beyond belief, and anyone having you in their life would be blessed to have you.  What’s amazing is that I get to know you better than anyone else.  We are human.  On our behalf, I am trying my best not to absorb it when people mistreat us.  It’s hard because we walk around in a suit of armour but we are big softies at heart.  We don’t usually feel safe enough to open up and show that side of us.  This year was the first time in our life, we dropped our armour instantly and we felt safe enough with someone to be our whole self but it came with some backlash. We cried our tears even though we didn’t think it was possible to cry like that.   Understood by few and underestimated by many.  Sad but true.  We are magic and only a handful can see us.  But listen, their behaviour is not about us, it’s about them and even though you feel invisible sometimes rest assured that I SEE YOU!

Things are starting to fall back into place and we will get our happily ever after that we deep down requested with love from the Universe.  We met the manifestation of our heart’s song, so we know we can get what we want but all in good time.  You just keep being you.  You are perfect just the way you are.  I will work harder to shine our light for the both of us.

We are forever learning and evolving,

I love you forever and always,

Li xxx


“I Can Transform Ya” (5)

I’m coming back 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 27.3 lbs down and counting! Still got a way to go but I’m getting there 🏆🏆🏆

The pic on the left was back in December 2017 when I supposed to start my journey but it was silly timing 🙈 When I got my pic on the right sent to me yesterday I had to share because I don’t roll with someone all the time in order to get a full body pic.

I’m so proud of myself!

I’ve only had a few minor gains since I started on the 7th February and I haven’t been doing any emotional eating even though I’ve had a lot going on recently.

I signed back up to the gym 26th April and it’s been helping me release, especially the days I haven’t been feeling too good. Anyone who has been following my insta story, snapchat or facebook story on my like page know I’ve been in the gym practically everyday or working those gardens of mine lol!

The next step is to incorporate more weights into my workouts 💪🏾 I have an idea of what I want to look like and I intend to sculpt my body accordingly.

My next mini goal is to try and lose a stone by my son’s birthday on 1st October 👀 Let’s see if I can get it 😁

Losing weight is hard work so I hope I can help motivate someone else who is trying. You are not alone x

Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha x

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“I Can Transform Ya” (4)

It’s been a while guys but I couldn’t write a post until I had some results to show 👀

I’ve dropped 18.4 lbs so far and I have to say that I am so proud of me 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I started out writing my first weight loss blog on the 19th December 2017. In all honesty, it was not the best timing. We had Christmas, New Years and January Blues but I started a fresh on 7th February 2018 and have been consistent with it since then. I’m happy with my achievement so far but I’m most proud of the fact that I had a recent upset that could have set me right back to emotional eating. In the past, getting the munchies in and/ or a good takeaway would bring me some sort of comfort but I didn’t succumb to it! I remained focused 🏆 I didn’t want to harm myself just because someone hurt me. So I didn’t.

This journey is one that I have to take one day at a time. Breaking bad habits that you have developed over years is so hard! In the last couple of months I have cut out the biscuits, snacks and just try not to generally over indulge. It seems to be working so far 😁

Within the last couple of months, I tried a few things:

– Herbalife for the first 4 weeks with which I managed to lose 9 lbs. That wasn’t too bad but found it expensive to re- up.

– Self control from week 5 up until last week in which I lost 9.4 lbs in total.

– Last week I thought I’d try SlimFast to assist me and see how it goes. I put on 0.2 lbs so I’ll see if I get better results next week.

– And finally I re-joined the gym again today. It’s Bhangra Burnoff tonight 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 and I’m looking forward to it.

I aim to check in with you all on the 1st June with an update and possibly a progress picture. Wish me luck ☺️

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and feel free to share anything that slows you down from losing weight and reaching your goals. Also, if you have any tips on what works or has worked for you, please share.

Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx

“I Can Transform Ya” (3)

First of all, I really want to say a big thank you to everyone who has shown me support by way of sharing tips, giving advice and words of encouragement since my first “I Can Transform Ya” post 3 weeks ago.  I really appreciate it ❤

I have enjoyed my holiday with family, an abundance of food and laughter.  Now to get back to my weight loss plan:

347″]sweatcoin 2 Here is the record of my SweatCoin account for the past week, just to give you an idea of how you can earn money by clocking up those steps.  This money can be redeemed against various items from magazines to electronics.  I wonder how much I could earn if I keep this up…

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“I Can Transform Ya” (1)

Today is the day!  The day I start my new health, fitness, weight loss and well being journey.

This is me in all my glory.   On a regular Sunday, around the house, cooking and cleaning.  Face not beat.  Hair not slicked.  Showing all I have to offer.  Looking hencher from the back than some of the mandem lol!  Belly so heavy now, I can’t see my curves from the front.  Bwoi!

I’ve been meaning to take my before pictures for a while and thought if I don’t get it out of the way now, I don’t know when I’ll do it. I’m not making fun of myself because I’m trying to make a change, that’s just the way I talk.  It is what it is.  But I thought I would share this time around, for accountability on my part, and for possible support and motivation for everyone else.


Before pic

I have managed to lose 4.5 lbs over the last few weeks and I am now 238 lbs, that’s 17st.  This is the heaviest I have ever been!  My weight has gone up and down over the years and this is going to be hard for me.  Weight for me has been a way to avoid attention and a form of protection from being hurt.  I could go about my day as if I was near enough invisible but right now, I am ready to live my best life and feel free enough to do so.

Food on the other hand, food is EVERYTHING!

  • Comfort
  • The way I socialise
  • When I get money, I go to eat
  • When I’m feeling low
  • Most all, PLEASURE ❤

Did you notice that I never mentioned health?  This is what I’m working towards, eating for health.  None of the reasons to eat that I’ve mentioned above are wrong as long as healthy choices makes up the majority of my diet.

My ultimate goal is 10.5 stones, that was my weight after having my son.  But in all honesty, I’ve been carrying extra weight with me so long I don’t know how I would feel being so small so I would have to see how I feel as I begin dropping the weight.  I have managed to lose weight more than once before but would find myself sabotaging my progress when I noticed changes in my body for some reason that I didn’t understand too much before but I get it now and will take it one day at a time.


  1. I have enlisted the help of a friend from primary school who has recently qualified as a personal trainer (IG: Jenfiyahdance).   She has created a diet plan for me to follow for my first month to begin with.
  2. I will try my best to incorporate water into my diet.  As a beauty therapist, we advise clients to have 1.5- 2 litres of water a day and it has always been something I have struggled to do myself.
  3. Increase my physical activity by at least 15 minutes a day to start off with.  That should be achievable for me going from hardly any exercise.  I actually like walking, but the weather is not the best at the moment so I found a restorative yoga and meditation on YouTube that I want to try.  The stretching will be good for my sciatica and is quite a relaxing practice.
  4. Eat as natural as possible to control sugar and salt content.
  5. Most importantly, not to get weighed every week.  Every day is not going to be a good day, and my weight will fluctuate so it’s better for me to check my progress either every couple of weeks or even monthly.

Well, that’s me and I hope you enjoy my weekly posts.  If you have any tips, stories or experiences to share that would be great. Until next time.

Forever learning and evolving,

Elisha xxx